A Magazine #11 curated by Rodarte

The Li, Inc. designed cover of Rodarte’s issue of A Magazine features a grizzly bear framed by a varnished phantom A. The image is interrupted by Rodarte’s signature blind embossed type, an apparition that recalls the spirit of the now extinct California golden grizzly subspecies.

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Rita Ackermann “Shadow Fux” Harmony Korine

Unbound signatures, cover stamping samples and tip-in image from Shadow Fux, an upcoming book which documents and elaborates on the collaboration between Harmony Korine and Rita Ackermann, published by the Swiss Institute.

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The Museum of Contemporary Art’s An Artist’s Life Manifesto

This year’s gala for The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles will feature a re-performance by Marina Abramovic entitled “An Artist’s Life Manifesto.” The identity and invitation system, designed by Li, Inc., features one of the many notable tenets from the manifesto. Shown here is the animated invite.

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The Suzanne Geiss Company

The logo and identity design for The Suzanne Geiss Company reflects a multivalent approach to materiality and usage. The bureau’s signage shown here is comprised of brass, marble, neon and plastic. Seemingling innocuous on their own, the combination of materials and shapes creates a unique and extendable identity for the innovative art consultancy.

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“Ever Bamboo”

Page proofs of Ever Bamboo, the second issue of Ever Manifesto, the eco-journal founded by Charlotte Casiraghi, Alexia Niedzielski and Elizabeth von Guttman. This issue, edited by Stefano Tonchi and designed by Li, Inc., focuses on the numerous qualities and uses of bamboo across the cultural continuum.

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“Louis Vuitton Architecture and Interiors”

Covers and slipcases from the deluxe edition of Rizzoli’s forthcoming book Louis Vuitton Architecture and Interiors, designed by Li, Inc. The project highlights the textural patterns and facades of the brand’s architecture and features designs by some of today’s most important architects.

A sample of an interior spread employing die-cut papers to suggest an iconic pattern from Louis Vuitton’s rich visual language.

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“Rodarte Catherine Opie Alec Soth”

The backcover and a sampling of interior pages of Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s anticipated monograph Rodarte Catherine Opie Alec Soth, published by JRP Ringier. As the book wrap accrues wear, the debossed clear foil stamping becomes purposefully more legible.

Outsert text booklet floats between the book’s back end leaves. The text by John Kelsey is presented as an archival document with redactions.

The project’s design considers absence, ghostly presences and non-presences, and information as apparition.

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